Sunday, March 23, 2014

Missing her

I havent seen Mimi in over a month. I miss her terribly. She's currently in Mindanao with my dad to spend quality time with him since he's going back to California on April 9 and wont see her for probably about a year. I can't wait for Friday since we have summer break and I'm coming back to my hometown to be with her. I never knew it was this hard. I mean a month... seriously... That is waaaayy to long to be away from your daughter. I can't imagine how other moms can do it. I'm just glad that ill be able to see her in a few days. Sometimes I worry what if she doesn't recognise me or remember me. It breaks my heart every time. But that doesnt happen right? I mean its only a month.. She'll remember me. I hope she remembers me. My heart... It's sad.


  1. She will remember you! Kids always remember a mother´s touch :)

  2. I know how it feels! My three year old daughter has been away from me for almost three weeks now, she is in Japan with her grandparents and I'm in America. I am worried that she will never want to come home! But I know she will, and it will all be okay. Glad you and your daughter are reunited at last. :)


I love hearing from you guys!!

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