Conquering The highest Zipline in South East Asia! with Video WITH TODDLER

South Cotabato's thrilling Seven Falls zipline is the highest in South East Asia. It's 180 meters high! The view was amazing! I laughed so hard! It was so fun! We saw 2 waterfall (There were more, but I didn't see them. Gives me another reason to do it again! Hopefully with my dad this time). It was breathtaking and exhilarating. I went with my Mom and my daughter. Mimi is only 3 years old. She wasn't scared at all. I was the one scared for her and tried to let her stay with her grandpa, but she wanted to ride it with us. So I then told her to be like Superman or Super girl. That she can fly! After the experience she even said "I want more". I have a daredevil. She really is the bravest little girl I know. I hope she continues to be like this. I hope she pushes herself to do amazing things. Be an adventurer but also be a cautious. I hope her lionheart stays like that forever.

Watch it in HD!

First Line

Second Line

The first Zipline was 740 meters long and the second line was 460 meters. It's a long ride. It's like you're crossing between 2 mountains. 

Conquering The highest Zipline in South East Asia! with Video WITH TODDLER


On other notes, the elections for the next Philippines President and other officials will be on May 9. Sadly I can't vote for my president, but I'm sure he will win since he's running first on the polls right now. The elections here are pretty crazy. Even officials running for mayor or city officials are handing money out left and right! I have friends telling me that "my uncle got 5000", "my tito got 1000", "I hope I get money also". But I don't get it, You can give people money, but it's not a sure vote for you. Well I'll end this here because this will start to turn into a rant if I keep going.. haha 

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