Island Hopping in Olango, Cebu Philippines
Island Hopping in Olango, Cebu Philippines

One of the perks in living in a island is that...well.. you live in an island. There's water all around you. You can go and take a dip in the ocean anytime you want to and you have access to even smaller islands where you can relax, take a beer, and just enjoy. The island life is truly amazing. The weather was perfect for a day out. What makes it even better is when you are surrounded with family while in this little snippet moment of life. If I could live like this everyday. I would. Live in the moment.

Island Hopping in Olango, Cebu Philippines Ocean Dreamer

I think the Island was called one of the tres marias? I'm not quite sure, but it was a tiny island near Olango. If you want to go island hopping in Cebu I recommend 

Ocean Dreamer

. It's ranked #1 in tripadvisor and I had the best Island hopping experience with them.

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