Philippine Bound. On Board Experience and Mimi's Travel Survival Kit!

Philippine Bound. On Board Experience and Mimi's Travel Survival Kit!

So we're finally here. I can't wait to explore the different places Philippines has to offer. I really want to get to know my country before I travel to other countries. Tropical places are my favorite. The beaches with white sands and nature as green and as fresh as it can be.

 As for my flight it was not fun at all. It is sooo different when you have a baby. We even bought those choice seats where you pay extra 50$ to get some extra leg room, but that didn't make any difference. The bassinet wasn't placed on the wall and was placed on the floor. So yeah no leg room at all.

baby airplane

Those black things are my legs.  :(

She was a lap child so I had to carry her the whole time. If ever I'm traveling international with her I would definitely get an extra seat, but it's just so expensive. I'm so glad my dad was with me because we switched off carrying her. We were so close to flying separately. I wouldn't know what to do if we did.

Thanks Dad :)

I'm so thankful that she didn't cry or fuss, but she did throw up. I'm so sorry for the lady sitting next to me because Mimibear hit us both...I'm so sorry. I offered her wipes and tissues and all my sorries. I think Mimi got dizzy because she was like rolling around in her little bassinet. She slept almost the whole time and when she was awake she would stare at the couple with their baby on the seat behind us and make funny faces and saying hi. I also let her walk around the plane and followed her from behind to make sure she doesn't wake up anyone sleeping. 

When we got out of the plane in Manila I put her on my carrier while my dad checks our luggages to get them transferred on our connecting flight. Once we were done we went to our gate number to fly another smaller plane to our final destination General Santos ( Where Manny Paquiao lives) 

Baby with Manny Pacquiao

Mimi's Favorite Boxer

So we walked a lot and sat for loooong periods of time. My rear was sore and is still sore.. lol 

I'm soooo  grateful to have awesome cousins who packed our travel survival kit!

Baby Travel Survival Kit
  • 1 Dora Play Pack which includes some stickers and coloring book and colors
  • 3 books
  • Snacks : Apple, Cheerios, Grapes, and Terry Grams
  • Wet Wipes and Tissue
  • 2 magazine (for me hehe) 
  • And of course I already had the main stuff prepared like milk and diapers and such :)

Mimi and I finished most of the snacks lol. It was healthy and delicious! And those books kept her busy on the plane and while waiting for our next flight. Thanks Cuz!!!! Mimi and I will miss all of you specially the 2 little ones! Please visit us sooooooooon!!!!!!

Philippine Bound. On Board Experience and Mimi's Travel Survival Kit!

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