Moalboal for Holy Week
Moalboal for Holy Week  sea urchin

These little creatures are sea urchins. Yeah these cute little things are the reasons you have to wear swimmer shoes or slippers when walking during low tides where the water is super low and all you see are rocks and algae because if you don't wear protective gear you will face the wrath of their poison stings and the only remedy for it is to let someone pee on the area stung. Yes pee on you. I think its because of the ammonia. It is suppose to lessen the pain. I was surprised when I found out that you can actually eat them too Yes and they were delicious. You can eat them raw or with vinegar and hot peppers.

Moalboal for Holy Week

We went to Moalboal for a night out. It's always nice being near the ocean. It was crowded though because of Holy Week. Everyone was out celebrating and going to churches. The drive to Moalboal from Cebu was I think 3-4 hours. We had a lot of stops though collecting ingredients for lunch and dinner. I wish I took more photos. You can rent cottages for a reasonable price. Our cottage was 500 pesos per night. It was cheap. We bought our own food and drinks. There are other little stores around the area. We cooked out food in the morning using an portable gas stove. We cooked eggs, noodles, and sardines. The easiest foods to cook. 

Some people had tents. You can use your tents for about 200 pesos per night. It gets pretty cold outside.

We then drank the night away haha. :)